Heliograph Holding GmbH
Heliograph offers a unique synthesis of comprehensive experience and know-how in high-quality gravure cylinder making equipment. The company provides reliable solutions in the areas of electroplating, automation, surface finishing, electromechanic engraving and laser engraving systems for rotogravure printing as well as direct laser systems for flexo printing. Efficient transport and storage technology enable Heliograph to supply superior and comprehensive technologies as seamless solutions.

Konrad-Zuse-Bogen 18
82152 Krailling

Tel.: +49 – 89 785 96 – 179
Fax: +49 – 89 785 96 – 173

Daetwyler Graphics – competence center for surface processing

Daetwyler invented the print-ready surface processing of rotogravure cylinders using diamonds and, since 1965, the company has stood for outstanding products in the gravure cylinder production sector.

Daetwyler Graphics designs and manufactures cylinder finishing machines and polishing machines for gravure cylinders. Its well known products include CFM, Polishstar, Finishstar and Laserstar.

CH-3368 Bleienbach

Te: +41 – 62 919 3737
Fax: +41 – 62 919 3400

HELL – competence center for engraving systems

For many years, HELL has been a benchmark for quality products in the gravure industry. Its founder, Dr. Rudolf Hell, invented electromechanical engraving.

The company is renowned for its first-class engraving systems for packaging, publication and decorative gravure printing with such products as the HelioKlischograph K5, K500 and K6. Its portfolio also includes the Cellaxy and PremiumSetter, two laser systems for direct structuring of embossing cylinders and flexography forms.

Philipp-Reis-Weg 5

24148 Kiel

Tel: +49 431 23 77 – 0

Fax: +49 431 23 77 – 1235


Bauer – competence center for transportation and storage technology

Bauer can look back on more than half a century of experience in the area of storage and transportation systems for the rotogravure industry.

Innovative products such as the GEMINI crane, INLINE rack and customized cylinder storage racks facilitate efficient cylinder logistics for packaging, publication, decorative printing and flexography with seamless integration into cylinder production lines.


25551 Hohenlockstedt

Tel: +49 4826 37 690 – 0

Fax: +49 4826 37 690 – 49


Schepers – competence center for laser systems in embossing, security and gravure printing

Since 1991, Schepers has been producing its well known DIGILAS laser ablation system in conjunction with coating and etching machines. Its newest DIGILAS systems structure metals directly.

Schepers provides highly advanced solutions for manufacturing gravure cylinders used especially in the embossing, high-tech and security sectors as well as for high resolution linework.

Karl-Benz-Str. 7

48691 Vreden

Tel: +49 – 2564 9505-0

Fax: +49- 2564 3456 3


Ohio Gravure Technologies – competence center for special engraving machines and printed electronics

For over 30 years, Ohio Gravure Technologies Inc. has been a leader in the design, software development and manufacture of special engraving systems.

It focuses particularly on the Spectrum engraver line for packaging and décor printing, Collage layout software as well as the high precision systems MicroStar and AccuPress for printed electronics and optical applications.

2133 Lyons Road

Miamisburg, OH 45342, USA

Tel.: +1 937 439 1582

Fax.: +1 937 439 1592